Relax Kid

Today I saw a post that read „What advice would you give to your younger self?“ Me being me, I decided to ask the people around me what advice they would give and after a lot of good responses such as “Trust your instinct and learn to control your emotions“, „To not be so naive“ and “Do even more, and don´t forget to read.“ I of course started wondering what advice I would give my younger self.

After a lot of thinking the one thing that came to mind was to relax. If I could go back to a 17 year old me, a 14 or even 12 year old me I would tell myself: “Relax kid, trust you faith and enjoy the ride.“ For those of you who have known me all my life probably get where I´m coming from but for those who haven´t known me for that long let´s just say that my younger self never found a hobby or passion that lasted more than a few months well until football. When I discovered my love for this sport my impatience followed. I always wanted to chase after something and like so often you find yourself in a never-ending game of tag trying to catch up to something that doesn´t exist.

After moving to London, I felt like I had a blank canvas to change the way I went about things and taking it more easy, I figured out how to enjoy my life a little bit more learning to enjoy the ride of life hasn´t been easy for me and sure when it comes to some things I admit I still chase my future self but oh man I can´t tell you how many things open up to you if you decide to open your mind and let things come to you while you enjoy yourself.

“You can´t yell at a flower to make it grow faster”- Evan Sanders, I´ll say it again “You can´t yell at a flower to make it grow fast.” Remember that saying cause no matter where you are in life and even how hard things might be at this moment on your ride remember to enjoy the view and I promise you things will change for the better.
-Björgvin Hreinsson


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